Idiotic TVNZ programming

This is a copy of my latest blog post on WordPress:

When I got next week’s TV Guide in the post this past Friday I noticed that on Saturday and Sunday, on TV2, they will be screening six hours worth (12 in total) of My Kitchen Rules and when I saw this I said to myself that this has to be the stupidest thing they’ve done in ages.

But actually it wasn’t.

When Body of Proof returned to Tuesday nights recently I noticed that the season preimere episode was replayed the next day between 2pm-3pm and then, looking ahead to that weekend, I noticed it was on again.

Clearly, this idiotic programming decision is an indication that the programmers at TVNZ have lost their way and that we, as viewers, deserve something a hell of a lot better.

So buck up your ideas TVNZ and don’t re-screen the same episode within the same week because it’ll make you look like Sky and we sure as hell don’t want that.

And also when are you going to retire Friends? Because you and I both know that this question has been put to you in TV Guide and I actually don’t believe you’ve ever responded to a single correspondent on this.

It’s no bloody wonder TVNZ is a shell of it’s former self and, unfortunately, getting worse by the day.

(Update: 14/8/2012, 3:04pm): They did it again with last nights season premiere of Private Practice, but this time it was on some 3hrs after the original screening.

It would seem that everything I’ve said in this post is absolutely correct.

I’d really like some feedback on this because I feel it concerns all of us, as viewers.

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