Most Shocking: Call Girls

9:30pm Friday, August 24 on Prime


With Britain recovering from the worst recession since the war, over a million women are unemployed. Drastic times call for drastic measures and this documentary uncovers a burgeoning industry – phone sex. Gone are the cliches of bored old housewives earning pin money in late night call centres. You wouldn’t believe who is getting in on the act: young, old, single, married, educated, and erudite.

Call Girls meets the women who are paid to talk dirty. There’s first time recruit, student Rosa, who after weeks of unsuccessful job hunting believes that phone sex may hold the key to getting back in the black. We are with her as she dips her toe into the world of phone sex for the very first time. Next is the doyenne of dirty dialogue, Jenny, who after a decade in the game is truly the matriarch of the industry. She’s so comfortable giving her mucky monologues, she’s even on the phone earning when her mates are round. Finally, there’s darling dominatrix Marnie Diamond, whose touching story warns of the darker side of phone sex as she debates whether the huge pay cheque is worth the effect on other aspects of her life. Punctuated with additional phone sex stories, this hilarious and very British portrait of a huge yet hidden industry shows that when the chips are down, these lip service lovelies are doing all they can to keep the balance sheet clean…even if it does mean talking a little dirty.

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