Most Shocking: Half Ton Killer

9:30pm Friday, August 17 on Prime


If you think you’ve seen it all… wait until you check out these new Most Shocking episodes! In a Texas border town, along a major corridor known for drugs and human trafficking, a two-year-old boy has been beaten to death. His aunt, Mayra Rosales, is the only one with him at the time and is charged with his murder. But is that even possible? Mayra weighs over 1000 pounds. She is bed-ridden and immobile. Why is she confessing to a heinous crime she couldn’t have committed? Or could she have…? What emerges is a complex and riveting mystery as we unravel what really happened in Mayra’s home on March 18, 2008.

Mayra’s sheer size pushes every aspect of this case to the extreme. What she is capable of, no one really knows; but her health is ailing. Mayra’s trial and potential incarceration will be a challenge no justice system has ever faced. For the duration of her trial, Mayra will literally eat, sleep, go to the bathroom and live on a bed inside the courtroom. For now, her size has let her remain under house arrest-though no police officers are even posted to watch her. While the DA seems certain that she is too big to travel, it’s a source of tremendous controversy and outrage in a town that’s already convicted her in the court of public opinion.

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