NZ On Air commits funding "in principle" to Back Benches - on Prime

There is more good news this morning for TVNZ7 fans as NZ On Air has committed funding, in principle, for Back Benches to run on Prime.

Back Benches looks set to live on after the demise of TVNZ7 with NZ On Air committing funding “in principle” to the programme running on Prime.

NZ On Air spokeswoman Gina Rogers said the agency was having talks with Prime about its financial contribution to the show.

It also wanted a shorter season than the planned 50-episode series for next year.

Parliament sits for only 30-odd weeks a year, but Back Benches does a New Zealand summer tour.

Ms Rogers said NZ On Air wanted to see Back Benches work.

“We’d be really excited about its return.”

Great to see both TV3 and Prime picking up the dropped ball from TVNZ. Now, what about The Court Report, The Sitting etc…?

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  • Hamish

    Media 7 and Backbenchers were the only TVNZ 7 programmes worth saving, so I’m glad to see they are going to be put on other networks.

  • Saw a bit of Media 3 – it was as boring and dry as Media 7 was. This is why TVNZ 7 simply wasn’t tenable.