NZ TV Hall of Fame - The Final Word

Two years ago, and I’m sure Regan remembers this, I pitched the idea of a TV Hall of Fame to the organizers of the Film & TV Awards, as well as various sites such as Throng and NZ on Screen, and it was welcomed with encouragement.

Come some two years later and I am still hopeful that it will come about but it saddens me to say that the chances of this actually happening are now non existent and that I must put this dream on the back burner permanently.

For me it has been something that I wanted NZ TV to have because of my love of the industry and one that I want to work in (and still do) and also because I wanted to be involved in this as well, something that wasn’t indicated at the time but is now.

If this idea from two years ago can somehow be resurrected I would greatly love to be a part of it and that is why I am posting this today.

But as of this moment it is, in all honesty, over.

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I am an avid fan of retro television (both New Zealand and international), as well as a collector of television network identification and channel openers
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