9:30pm Sunday, September 2 on TV One

The quirky yet lovable Dr. Nina Proudman is in the house! Nina and her fabulously messy family return to TV ONE in Offspring.

Follow the Proudman family’s adventures searching for love, fulfilment and balance in the chaos of modern life. Offspring examines the curses and the blessings that come with intricate family connections

When we last left Nina, she had found love with Patrick but was still flying into fantasy at any moment. Billie and Mick’s wedding went ahead with a few hitches, and Jimmy was looking forward to life as a father.

Tonight, Cherie struggles to keep the shocking revelation about Nina’s parentage to herself. But can a secret that big stay hidden for long?

Nina enjoys happiness with Patrick but can’t shake the feeling that her bliss is tempting fate.

And Billie sets about convincing Mick to try for another baby, the best way she knows how.

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