Operation Hero

4:00pm Sunday, August 26 on TV2

Kiwi kids kick into action when the brand new season of Operation Hero returns.

Hosted by Dayna Vawdrey (Studio 2), six 12 and 13-year-olds set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Each week players are told of the deeds of a real-life new Zealand hero and must compete in two huge challenges inspired by the hero’s actions and courage.

This week, the kids are to complete a challenge inspired by the real life escape stories of Kiwi solider Sandy Thomas, a hero from World War II. First the players have to collect items to explode their way out of a prison camp, echoing Sandy’s daring escape. Then the young players need to make their way to freedom across a lake and devour a plateful of disgusting food.

Other episodes feature stories of heroes such as James Christie who raced to get help when his friend was trapped under debris from a lahar on Mt Ruapehu; Huria Matenga who saved a crew of sailors caught in a storm off the coast of Nelson in 1863; and 10-year-old Wairarapa boy Harry McCoy who performed CPR on his own father and saved his life.

The series also features an episode dedicated to the many heroes from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

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