The other side of the Charlotte Dawson Twitter abuse saga

It turns out there may be more to the Charlotte Dawson Twitter abuse saga than she’s letting on.

While it has been reported that Dawson and one of her followers were the victims of abuse from others, several Twitter users are pointing out that Dawson has been giving as good as she’s getting.

Dawson is an ambassador for the anti-bullying program Community Brave but has been criticised for re-tweeting abuse sent to her as it leads to her followers turning on the user who sent the abuse.

There is plenty of talk that suggests Dawson is simply using the controversy around her Twitter abuse to promote her book, as her face is all over the Australian papers this week.

While the fact remains that Dawson is the subject of abuse on a daily basis on Twitter, the way she responds to some of it could be deemed as questionable. The name calling from her towards the haters is clearly not the way to promote anti-bullying on the internet.

Below is a selection of tweets from Dawson that could easily be read as abusive despite what Dawson herself has said in the past.







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  • Sally

    I find it remarkable that the media and a lot of twitter readers are assuming she attempted suicide over some tweets. Who says she didn’t go into get her stomach pumped after a night on the booze whilst madly abusing random strangers on the internet?

    No, let’s deify her instead. That’ll fix it, right? *rolls eyes*

  • Reece_555

    Buying her soon to be released book will no doubt be the fix all to all her problems.

    As far I’m concerned she simply could have deleted her twitter if things were that bad. Better yet she could have also removed her self from the spot light if she didn’t want to be scrutinized.

  • gauty

    shes human i would react the same way. i say good on her.

  • aaronimpact

    She’s terrible

  • The Truth

    She’s a trashy also-ran d-list celebrity looking for attention to sell her soon to be bargain bin book.

  • There is a block button and a report button, use it. Fucking idiots lol

  • JJ

    I also copped abuse from her on Twitter, even tho I had never followed her or tweeted her directly, she stalked my profile, stalked my followers profiles, made threats to myself and my friends and incited her followers to hurl abuse at me, I removed myself from Twitter for a period of time, when I returned she made fun that I had been in hospital…. She is a nasty viscous piece of work

  • Fatty

    Charlotte is awesome. Boo everyone that thinks otherwise.

  • I could have used a plug from you guys 🙂 … “plenty of talk” 😛 … at least it’s been publicly acknowledged by someone.

  • Pathetic

    It’s clear NZ can’t get there facts right, I’d react in the same way.

  • Jason Davis

    She is clearly grabbing for attention. She was provoking the “trolls” to abuse her and was only enticing them more by retweeting their messages. She managed to spend so long online retweeting the abusive messages (10hrs+ until 2am??), that she sent herself to hospital??


  • Trixie

    All the people who think shes so great go and buy her book if you’re that worried about her. Might as well make her sorry experience worth it for her.

  • Allan

    Hm. New Zealand seems to really have it out for Charlotte Dawson; Travel New Zealand on my Bucket-List: Gone. Disgusting.

    • Torchtree

      New Zealanders don’t have it out for Charlotte Dawson. Half of NZ’ers don’t even know who she is. The Media always over dramatise everything. Don’t judge NZers by a few that dislike her. It all sounds like fantastic promotion for her new book.

    • Laura

      I’m a kiwi and to be fair I had kind of forgotten about her. I don’t think she deserved the sick abuse and I don’t sppreciate people who did it “on behalf of New Zealand”. But I also don’t think she’s completely blameless in this situation. If she is so against bullying, part of the campaign the above article discusses, then why did she feel the need to make a generalised, insulting comment about New Zealand? In some of the tweets above she brags about abusing other twitter users, she actually states “somebody please kill …..”. It’s sad that some people also are choosing to discriminate against all New Zealanders and our country because of a few idiots claiming to represent us. And she should also be wary of how she treats others.

    • Sam

      Good because you sound like a douchebag if you make assumptions of a whole country based on several people who might not even be from New Zealand.

      It’s all just one big publicity stunt for her. Tragic as.

  • w

    She is a fake media whore. When she was in NZ she had no aussie accent. Now she sounds like a QLD native. The suicide thing is shameless self promotion at the lowest level.

  • SB

    Glad to see some balanced reporting on this. Not the case on this side of the ditch. Has been a PR goldmine for her, taken her from the C List to the front page.

  • reggie

    I realise he article was up beffore what happened to Charlotte, but most of the comments were made after her hospitalisation. I can only think that most people here haven’t actually read the messages. Think of the vilest things you can write and multiply by 10. no imagination wwould get you to the sick and horrific pictures that were posted. Nothing would justify that attack.

    • Kendra

      Yes, I agree. I briefly saw one photo and it was on my mind for the rest of the night. It was horrifying and not the posting of a mentally healthy human being. These people are beyond bullies. They’re cowardly and most definitely in need of psychological assesment and treatment.

  • How is it that she is only just learning what every other person on the internet has known all along?


    God help her if she ever posts a question on Whirlpool 😉

  • There is a big difference between telling someone to commit suicide repeatedly, and reposting the hatred sent to you. I fully endorse the reposting. People are responsible for their own words.

  • get real

    Oh yes what a fabulous role model for anti Bullying,,,,,This women is a complete joke.
    Shocking role model for girls full stop, that is unless we want plastic daughters writing to women’s magazines about their abortions , say no more. This world is nuts if this is the sort of person who is given any power in the community what so ever !

    • justin

      get real’s comment is a prime example of how the things people say behind their computer screens are disgusting and vile. If kids should be taught anything, it’s that our world is not full of hate and judgement. Death threats are not taken lightly and cyber bullying is not ok. It’s people like you who help continue this everlasting process of abuse so you have no right to say who should or should not stand up for anti bullying.

      • get real

        Justin, you here are now bullying me ! I am entitled to my opinion, and I did not send a death threat , nor am I a cyber bully, this is a forum not her twitter account ! So do not ” twist ” your words on me.
        I stand by my words she was not a good role model for girls. Right up to choosing to take her own life, I worry now that young people who idolized her, would now be thinking this is a solution to problems. Go away Justin and take your grief off me,.I did not come on this forum to be hounded by the likes of you, I came to give my opinion which I have every right to do. Re read this article, her tweets were hardly anti bully material . I can only base my opinion of what I have seen in this article in which I have based my own opinion on. I also do not approve her other tactics, of hunting people down with a camera, or writing to peoples places of employment to try and get them sacked. If I am disgusting and vile then , then look at your own bully behaviour, you do not bother me I do not value your opinion.

  • justin

    You people are disgusting! Have you no brains??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD WHEN PEOPLE START JUSTIFYING TROLLS WHO UTTER DEATH THREATS LIKE THEY DRINK WATER. You people disgust me. And whoever wrote this article is pure coldblooded !