All aboard the reality tv bandwagon

First it was The GC.  Up next are The Ridges.  But who is going to be the next local celebrity to pimp themselves to TV programmers in the hopes of becoming a Kardashian?

Rumor has it that Maori entertainer Mika has been swanning around New Zealand Fashion Week with a film crew “filming a pilot”.

This begs some questions.  Is this the start of a new trend where those in the spot light open up their lives for TV viewers?  If so, who would you like to see?  Who would you not?

Paul Holmes?  Mark Sainsbury?  Charlotte Dawson?  I’m pretty sure both lists would be fairly similar.

It seems as though an hour on Intrepid Journey is no longer enough for celebrity exposure.

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  • aaronimpact

    Dear God. Please make it stop.

  • Joe90

    AJ Rock! Nicky Watson! Woohoo! I am sure they have fascinating lives that I need to indulge in because I have absolutely no life or brain of my own.. I just pity the poor crew that has to work on this stuff… dear god

  • Dodgey34

    Beast of Blenheim

  • Gary Wills

    Enough of the reality television and start producing quality television

  • Gary Wills

    The Muppets