Can Sony get it right this time?

After the appalling record of past TV Talent shows in New Zealand to deliver careers for the winners, the moment I learnt that Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand was to sign a recording contract with the winner, I wanted to find out what level of commitment they had to the show.

I called SMENZ’s Managing Director Kim Boshier to press her on whether this was going to be more lip service from the New Zealand recording industry or if, finally, we were going to see the industry make the most of the opportunity.

Kim was happy to talk about the announcement and was excited about the forthcoming show.  When we got down to it, she was quick to distance Sony Music from the Sony BMG days.  As well she should.

“The market has changed a lot in the last few years,” Kim said.  “The International [music] business has changed and the [tv] shows have gotten better”.

This is undisputed.  However, can this quality and results be reproduced in New Zealand?  By the sounds of things, Sony Music NZ believe they can.

“Sony Music has every confidence in TV3 producing the show and every confidence they will uncover enormous talent”.

But every show has uncovered talent.  The real question is, can, and will, Sony Music produce a career this time around?  From what they told me, yes they can and yes they will.

“We already have a plan”, Kim told me.  “to develop a career for them.  We’ll establish them here first and then we’ll be looking outside of New Zealand.  We have a long term strategy”.

This is excellent news!  This will give anyone considering auditioning for the show the confidence that if they’re prepared to work hard, their record company will be there to help them realise their dreams.

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  • If they that they can do The X Factor, they can go to buggery!

  • Yateer

    I think Ben Lummis signed his career death warrant when he appeared on the short-lived NZ version of Top Of The Pops and when asked what clubs he likes to go to he said “I don’t go to clubs, I go to church”. And now he and season 2 winner Rosita Vai are appearing at the Sound of Destiny music festivals… But hey, at least Stan Walker’s achieved plenty since his Idol win, proving with the right talent and material, these shows can produce even major local stars.