Competition: Who do you want to win The Block NZ?

With two big nights of The Block left, we’ve got a prize pack available for a true fan!

Tell us which couple you want to win and why in the comments on and we’ll put you in the draw.

Entries close at 7:30pm, Thursday September 6th, 2012.

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  • Definitely would have to be Rachel and Tyson
    Why? Because I honestly believe out of all of the couples they are the ones who have never slipped into the ‘we are on TV’ buzz, the fact that Rachel had a slight breakdown and said to the camera that the show ‘isn’t about house renovation, it is about pushing human beings to the outer limits in the name of the entertainment’ was one of the best pieces of reality TV I have ever seen [and I adore the genre, admittedly for that very reason]
    They are a truly ‘kiwi’ couple, when it came to the dinner party challenge they didn’t pretend they were on ‘Come Dine With Me’ they realised the one thing everyone on the block needed was a few hours to actually chill out and relax – they provided that experience and had the foresight to realise when given the choice second was their best placement for the order of the challenge.
    They are willing to argue, yell, cry, scream and actually be honest and they work damn hard – maybe not within the budget, but can we all honestly say that we stick to our budgets?
    To me they have shown New Zealand viewers a typical kiwi couple which is something that quite lacking on our country’s screens.
    The short answer would have just been: They are awesome and I have never been pissed off with them when watching 🙂

  • Ok, steal everything I wanted to say, why don’t you, Owen?! Ha ha
    But seriously, I definitely hope Rachel and Tyson win, if only because they have been the most “real” through this “reality tv show” series to me, and have been genuinely happy when other teams have pipped them at the post (again and again, it seems!) to win challenges and rooms even thought they themselves have been working as hard, if not harder, to complete the same challenges. Also, one of my favourite “the block” moments was during the dinner challenge where they were the “embarrassing Mum and Dad dancing” to the live music at one of the houses! That showed that they were able to relax and be themselves, and also showed how much they want to be with each other too – hearing Tyson truly caring about Rachel at times through the show showed a great couple of characters.

  • Alex Dyer

    ok here is go, I AM A MASSIVE FAN OF THE BLOCK ITS NO EVEN FUNNY, I’m Alex currently a 16 year old attending high school on the shore. The day i found out that there was a TV show being filmed so close i jumped on the next bus right upto Takapuna to do a ‘nosy around’ the show hadn’t even aired yet so i wasn’t too sure what was going on, a little bit of google stalking and i knew every character, the host and the aim. The day the show screened on TV the theme song was instantly embedded into my brain i simply couldn’t stop singing it i ended up downloading the song from iTunes! nuts i know but hey its me 🙂 last saturday i headed up to the open homes for the houses, (amazing standing where they had filmed) i waited 4 hours to meet every single cast member and received all their signatures on my blow up bunnings hammer, i felt so satisfied, the cast and crew named us the “crazed fans” ahah it was great being labelled that. Having spent a day fully hyped i was curious how the process began for auditioning and being casted on the show, so i hit up star now and searched the BLOCK NZ and saw the expired (of-course) result. i spent a good half an hour reading the page and the terms and conditions. i was so excited. the next day at school i had such a buzz telling everyone i was gunnar apply for the show the day i turned 18! i personally think ben a libby should win, they put in the hard yards and no matter the condition or the circumstances they work together. even if they get annoyed with each other theyll always be brother and sister. There house is out of this world, each bit crafted to perfection. they both seem down to earth and were not willing to cheat in order to score deals or prizes (always fair) i respect them very much. well i have to go now, honestly i could go all night, i have a reputation as the ‘boy with block fever’ . The shows teams are awesome i follow them all on twitter and Facebook, im constantly updated with their experiences. Thanks i hope you see how nuts i am for the show, Alex 😛 (ps: gotta love spicy tysy.)