Live blog from The Block NZ Auction

Tonight’s live blog of The Block NZ finale and live auction is coming to you from the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Auckland.

There are a lot of people here tonight for the auction and I’ve heard two lots of figures in regards to the number of bidders.  One was that there were over 450 bidders who registered while another stated that there were at least 10 for each house.

The auction will be live tonight while other aspects of tonight’s show have been pre-recorded.

The contestants of the show are all looking pretty relaxed and all glammed up ready for tonight’s final showdown.

There are a lot of real estate agents here tonight.  The ratio between them and buyers would be interesting.

Ben and Libby are finding it difficult between between first and fourth.  They pick 1st.  Ginny and Rhys choose place 3.  Sarah and Richard take place two and Tyson and Rachel will go last.

There is a lot of recapping so far tonight.  I guess this is just for all those people who haven’t bothered to watch the series so far but have decided to tune in tonight to see what all the fuss is about.

The public who turned up on the weekend to walk through the renovated houses seem pretty impressed to see them in real life, away from the single dimension of their TV screens.  We’re currently building our own place and didn’t get a chance to head down to draw some inspiration as we were out looking at flooring.

As we get closer to the bidding, it must be said that the four couples have been well cast and great to watch.  They’ve each managed to build solid fanbases.

The Come Dine With Me episode aired in Australia last night.

Rachel and Tyson comment on how surprised they are that so many kids are into the show.  Probably forced to watch due to the parents viewing habits perhaps?

The doors of the auction room have been locked.  The fun is about to begin.

The contestants get 45 seconds to sell their houses.  One less neighbour is Ginny and Rhys’ selling point.  Tyson and Rachel pitch it as the home with the view.  Sarah and Richard’s selling point is all about entertaining.  Ben and Libby sell the open plan living.

The Auction is about to get underway.  Ben and Libby’s Holiday at Home is the first to go under the hammer.  Bidding starts at $650,000.  The reserve is $804,000.  The house sells for $961,000 after a crazy bidding war.  $157,000 profit.

FYI. The bidders in the auction room have no idea about the reserves and therefore don’t know what profit each couple has made.

Sarah and Richard are up next. Bidding starts at $600,000.  The reserve is $806,000 but only sells for $870,000, pocketing the couple $64,000.

Next up are Ginny and Rhys.  Bidding starts at $600,000 as well.  Reserve is $794,000. It’s a slow crawl towards the reserve but finally gets there.  It’s disappointing result for the couple from Taranaki who walk away with $11,000 after it sold for $805,000.

Finally it’s Rachel and Tyson.  Their son Otis will apparently be happy if they come home with $50.  The bidding starts at $600,000 as well while the reserve is $798,000. It’s a slow crawl up to the reserve with the phone bidder losing connection a couple of time.  We get to $795,000 but it’s still short.  The phone bidder must have the TV on as they call $798,000.  A bit cruel though if they heard Otis would be happy with a $50 profit.  Come on!  The house sells at reserve and Rachel and Tyson walk away with nothing from the sale of their house.  It’s a bit of a dampener on what’s been a great night.

However, that makes Ben & Libby the winners of the first season of The Block NZ!

The results:
Ben & Libby: $157k – $961k
Sarah & Richard: $64k – $870k
Ginny & Rhys: $11k – $804k
Rachel & Tyson: $0k – $798k

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  • R

    You guys should invest in Scribblelive 😉

  • Christchurch chick

    Why couldn’t the producers encourage the bank to set the reserve price to be lower so that Tyson and Rachel to get at least 10 thousand dollars profit at least. They deserved to gain some money for their efforts for the show and to bring home some decent money home to their son.

    • D

      I’m pretty sure the producers set the reserve. In theory it’s basically cost of house purchase + cost of renovation (based on assigned budgets and won prizes)

      In this respect it’s a fair representation of the reality of property development I guess. Although in a real development you probably wouldn’t pay so much for a house, deliberately vandalise it then spend as much as they did to renovate.

      As a viewer, the challenge of the show seemed to be “make the most profit” – the idea that there might not be any profit was never really entertained. I can’t help but wonder what impression the contestants had about the challenge they agreed to take part in?

  • Yvette

    How much profit did multimillionaire Julie christie(producer) make off each? A cool 200k at least. Boom!

  • aaronimpact

    I think Guy Williams from Jono and Ben at 10 is finally going to get his “wish”. lol