Mitre 10 Dream Home is coming back!

Mitre 10 Dream Home is back and headed for Canterbury!

Returning to TV2 with a few renovations of its own, this iconic series will challenge two Cantabrian couples to master the DIY build of their lives.

In what will be a life changing series for one, or both of the couples, New Zealand will be with them, room by room as they transform the old to the new.

This new series of Mitre 10 Dream Home is eco-friendly and it’s about building smarter. It will also include useful information and practical demonstrations for anyone with DIY in their DNA.

General Manager of Commissioning, Production and Acquisition at TVNZ, Andrew Shaw says “Mitre 10 Dream Home is a hugely successful DIY show in New Zealand and is well loved by the audience.

“We believe that this new series will resonate with audiences throughout the country and be a very positive story for the people of Canterbury. We are delighted to partner with Mitre 10 and bring this iconic series back to the screen.”

Mitre 10 is the primary commercial partner of Mitre 10 Dream Home.

Mitre 10 General Manager Marketing, Dave Elliott says, “Mitre 10 is excited to announce the return of Mitre 10 Dream Home and is proud to be bringing the show to the people of Canterbury. Cantabrians have had a tough time of late so bringing the project to the region was a no brainer for us.

“Mitre 10 is a real Kiwi success story and local communities and our New Zealand roots are very important to us, which is why we are dedicated to lending a hand to communities particularly those in need and there are certainly a number of people who could do with a hand in Canterbury.”

For your chance to be one of the Mitre 10 Dream Home couples, register online via the TVNZ website. Registration opens on September 17 and closes on October 7.

For the first time, New Zealanders will then be given the chance to vote for their favourite six couples. The final two will be revealed when Mitre 10 Dream Home returns to TV2 in 2013.

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  • Haha, well what do you know?!

  • My initial thoughts are:

    1. I bet Mitre 10 is missing the limelight and needs extra publicity thanks to Bunnings sponsoring The Block.

    2. Canterbury is a very clever (heart strings moments) move (but remember all the fuss when people didn’t get their house at the end, hmm.).

    3. Lots of extra interest in the registration thanks to The Block.

  • More shit from the past! We need better shows.

  • Reece_555

    I wonder what made them bring this back ????????????? But still good news and clearly home renovation is back thanks to The Block.

    The Dream home format is better than the block because the contestants battle it out to actually win the home and the audience can get more involved by voting for each room.

    Its also nice for TV2 to have a ‘franchise’ type of show again.

  • Trevor

    I like Dream Home so much better than The Block. But I remember what a shambles it was last time TVNZ produced it in-house. It was so much more bitchy and trashy, exactly what I didn’t like about The Block.

  • hjay

    i still prefer the block. when you get to the finale you just dont know whats gonna happen but with mitre 10 dream home the couple that doesnt win keep gtn given cheques from the host to ensure they get the house. which just makes the show as a viewer kind of a waste of time supporting 1 couple when at the end the day they both win in a way regardless wheather the runners up still have a mortgage…… aw and as for the host there can only be 1 for dream home and thats jane kylie get her off the postie plus adds lol

  • Carol

    What’s next, DIY rescue??… Hot Property?? My House my Castle??