Uncertain future for The Almighty Johnsons

Word is going around that The Almighty Johnsons has been given the axe following two great seasons on TV3.

The news is yet to be confirmed by TV3 but several cast members and the show’s creator have said that the show’s future looks bleak.

Emmett Skilton, who plays the role of Axl (Odin), said on Twitter: “Sadly friends, Odins quest has ended for now.. It was such a great pleasure to create and share the world with each and every one of you.”

Series creator James Griffin said that ideas to wrap up the second season cliffhanger in the form of a third season or telemovie were declined by TV3.

“It’s far from ideal, not a great state of affairs,” he said.

TV3 have said that it is yet to be cancelled, with the network tweeting: “Discussions with South Pacific are ongoing with regards to future of #AlmightyJohnsons. It’s not definitely cancelled despite media reports.”

Much of the talk on social media today is centred on the fact that we may be loosing a quality kiwi comedy/drama while reality shows such as The Ridges and The GC take over.

Let’s hope this isn’t the last we have seen of the Johnsons.


A Facebook page has been set up for those who support the show.

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  • Reece_555

    I am a fan of the show but to be fair it doesn’t really deserve to be renewed on how it rated this year. Is it possible NZ On Air may have indicated to TV3 it wasn’t likely to be funded because of this?

  • aaronimpact

    TV3 could have done the right thing and given the show a proper ending, say a 90 minute special.

  • h.lua

    it doesnt deserve a new season on tv3, however if the show were produced with a smaller budget to tie up loose ends channel four would be a better home for the show

  • Gary Wills

    The networks have stop waisting time and money on realaility show and produce quality programming

  • Preston

    Or maybe they shouldn’t have ended on a cliffhanger with no guarantee there would be a third season.

  • Something new, intriguing (in it’s own way) and fresh. Much better than the reality shows where fake people try to impress all the time. That said, the ending in the 2nd series was a bit suspect. Gaia ‘suddenly’ forgets Axl and walks straight past as though he was not even there! They need to pick up the game for a 3rd series, get gaia back with axl so they get their powers THEN bring on the hunters!!