Weekend Murders: Lewis

8:40pm Saturday, September 29 on Prime

Drama Series

Oxford’s last surviving all-female college is throwing a Gaudy for its old girls and bidding farewell to one of its most prominent professors, Esme Ellerby. Ellerby was a leading light in the feminist movement, and gathered together a group of the “brightest and the best” students to live with her at House Beautiful. However, during the Gaudy’s reunion of this golden set, one of them is found lying at the bottom of a set of stairs, murdered. Lewis is unable to shake the feeling that this death is somehow connected to an attack 10 years ago, which left one of the girls’ 15 year-old sister in a coma. Hathaway is keen to keep focused on the case in hand, but seeing how bothered Lewis is, he stays up all night to try and make sense of the old case photos… until another girl is found murdered and Lewis curses himself for taking his eye off the current case.

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