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Glee actor joins 90210 cast
Grant Gustin, who played Sebastian on Glee, has joined the cast of 90210. He will play Campbell, a college student from a rich background. 

Chloe Sevigny to star in new pilot
Former Big Love actress Chloe Sevigny has booked a new TV pilot for American network A&E. The show is a drama called Those Who Kill, and is based on a Danish series. The series, from The X Files writer Glen Morgan, will see Sevigny play Catherine, a detective who works alongside a forensic profiler. 

The Neighbours picked up for full season
The Neighbours – a sitcom about a family who moves in to a community full of aliens – has been picked up for a full season in the US by its network ABC.

Homeland breaks ratings record for its US network
Homeland is doing very well for its US network Showtime, having helped to break a ratings record this week. Homeland, which had 2.07 million viewers this week, and Dexter (also on Showtime), which had 2.28 million viewers this week, combined to break a record for Showtime – it was the first time the network had had back-to-back shows both bring in over 2 million viewers. Showtime also pointed out that this was particularly impressive because they were screening at the same time as Sunday night football and the final game of the Baseball World Series.

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  • The Bicentennial Man

    It’s the opposite case for New Zealand screens though. Hopefully now TV3 have realised their mistake and will leave any future seasons of Homeland to SoHo, where it belongs with Dexter.

    • yes, because limiting the audience of Homeland to those who have the money to pay for a Sky subscription and SoHo is a great way to get more people to watch it. If Homeland was only shown on SoHo then a lot of people would just download it. I think TV3 went the right direction trying to air it as close to the US airtime as possible. They should do it with more shows.