Anger Management

8:35pm Wednesday, October 10 on TV2

It’s double the trouble when Charlie Sheen’s (Two And A Half Men) famous dad, Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now), lends his son a hand in the brand new comedy, Anger Management.

This is not the first time the father-son duo has appeared on screen replicating their real life relationship. Martin and Charlie have appeared as father and son in 1987’s Wall Street, No Code Of Conduct and Spin City.

Tonight, Charlie has a bone to pick with his old man, who happens to be the complete opposite his real-life father, in fact he’s a hyper-critical bully.

Meanwhile, it’s up to Charlie’s ‘friend with benefits’ and therapist, Kate (Selma Blair) to sort out this troubled and problematic relationship before Charlie reforms to his rage-filled past.

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