Complaint against The GC not upheld

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has decided not to uphold a complaint against The GC, submitted by a viewer who found the themes of sex and alcohol consumption too much.

Jonathan Swadling complained to the BSA about the TV3 show, claiming it was inappropriate for the 8pm timeslot when children could be watching.

“A programme screened at 8pm should not be holding up heavy drinking and promiscuity as goals to work towards when becoming adults,” he said in is complaint.

“The role models presented are people who very few parents would be happy with their children becoming.”

The BSA said that no sexual activity was shown and sex was only discussed in “very general and euphemistic terms” as MediaWorks had described.

They were also satisfied that while alcohol was being consumed, no one was seen to be intoxicated.

“Accordingly, we are satisfied that the broadcaster adequately considered children’s interests in broadcasting the episode at 8pm during the PGR time-band, and that upholding this part of the complaint would unjustifiably restrict the right to freedom of expression.”

Source: Stuff

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