Is Modern Medicine Killing You?

8:00pm Wednesday, October 17 on TV One

TV ONE’s new factual series challenges the way we look at our health and asks the question – Is Modern Medicine Killing You?

Meet Auckland GPs Dr Frances Pitsilis and Dr Glenn Twentyman, two doctors who are passionate about getting people well through integrated medicine – an holistic approach combining conventional and natural medicine.

Tonight, Dr Glenn meets Philip, a patient who averages 90 minutes of sleep per night and can’t remember the last time he had a good night’s rest.

Traditional treatments for sleeping disorders have failed Philip, so it’s up to Dr Glenn to find a way to help a patient who wakes up every day feeling fatigued.

Then, Dr Frances determines whether stress is the cause of painful skin blisters for one fed-up patient.

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About the author

  • Willie

    I think its very refreshing to see Doctors finally acknowledging the importance of alternative medicine and how when used together with modern medicine can be very powerful. Check out my blog Cheers