Q&A with Ian Smith

Ian Smith is a cricket/rugby commentator for SKY Sport, including the upcoming Friday Nights Under Lights HRV Cup series.

What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming cricket season? 
Plenty of sixes, fours and spectacular action to encourage people of all ages back to the grounds. User-friendly grounds not threatened by over-zealous throngs of security.

What is your most memorable moment from watching cricket on TV as a kid? 
Embarrassingly, my most memorable moment was watching the first ever cricket coverage in this country back in those wonderful black and white days.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a cricket commentator? 
Staying positive and upbeat during long sessions of ‘quiet’ play. Not going back for second helpings at lunch.

How well do you think the Black Caps will perform this summer? 
Surprisingly well actually. They’ll give those English Toffs the fright of their lives.

What shows do you like to watch on TV (apart from cricket)? 
The Bill, Deal or No Deal, Californication and as much sport as I can fit under my eyelids.








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