What to watch: Thursday 25 October

Must watch:

Downton Abbey (Prime, 8.35pm)
The future of Downton hangs precariously in the balance. Meanwhile, Mary and Violet conspire to put on the grandest party ever held at Downton, and Mrs Hughes faces some worrying personal news.

Rove LA (TV3, 9.35pm)
Rove is back for an all-new second season. On the couch tonight is British superstar Russell Brand, popstar Adam Lambert, and comedian Kristen Schaal. 

Record for later:

Person Of Interest (TV One, 8.30pm)
This is a repeat of the first series, so if you missed it the first time around and wished you hadn’t, now’s your chance to catch up. On tonight’s episode, an ex-CIA hitman partners with an enigmatic software designer to prevent crimes before they occur.

Evan Almighty (TV3, 7.30pm)
Pretty much anything with Steve Carell in it is funny, and this movie is definitely good for a few laughs. Carell reprises his role as newscaster Evan Baxter from Bruce Almighty…but this time it’s Evan who is selected by God to undertake a holy mission.

Mrs Brown’s Boys (TV One, 9.30pm)
Agnes and the Brown family await the fruits of their fraud after faking Grandad’s death in order to get a payout, but the insurance company starts to get suspicious.

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