VIBE – Sunday 25 November, 7.30pm

What happens when an unexpected pregnancy occurs in the early stages of a relationship? This bittersweet documentary follows Nita and Liam, a young couple who have been going out for only a few weeks when Nita unexpectedly falls pregnant. With polar opposite views on how they should proceed (Liam angles for abortion, while Nita would rather not terminate) the couple’s relationship is thoroughly tested. Once baby Una is born, a whole other host of complicated decisions must be considered that now affect not only Nita and Liam, but their child as well. An intimate portrait of two parents-to-be and the fears and difficulties they face in the light of this life-changing event, Babytrapped explores the very different responses and opinions the relative strangers have to parenting, examining two sides of the same coin through tough choices and gender differences.

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