Britain's Lost Routes With Griff Rhys Jones

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 3 December, 8.30pm

Britain’s Lost Routes sees Griff Rhys Jones follow four routes; each one associated with a historic movement of people, trade or commodities. Along the way he provides his own perspective on contemporary British life. He will reveal why they once travelled for pleasure, profit and piety. From the luxury of a Rolls Royce to the more basic surroundings of a barge, from transporting a bus-load of contemporary pilgrims to the perils of moving a cow, Griff gets to grips with exactly how Britain’s ancestors journeyed from place to place and how they amused themselves en-route. With his unending curiosity and inherent wit, Griff investigates the stories of those who travelled these now forgotten paths and considers the cultural as well as environmental impact they have had on the history of Britain.

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