Erm... New Zealand's Got Talent discovers TV3's stars

When Rachel Hunter said to New Zealand’s Got Talent finalists, J Geeks, “I hope that you get the opportunity to go show the world…” they should have replied:

“Yeah, nah, don’t worry, J Geek vs the World is coming soon to TV3″.

Their new show, from the makers of The GC, has been in development for TV3 for over a year.

J Geek vs The World received $20,000 in development funding from New Zealand On Air prior to TVNZ being granted $1.6m in funding for New Zealand’s Got Talent and has received an additional funding of $6,500 since then.

New Zealand On Air also provided $5,000 in funding for them to produce this music video.

New Zealand’s Got Talent declared “we’re hoping to find New Zealand’s next big thing” when they launched the series 11 weeks ago. Haven’t they already been found?

I wonder if there was an internal memo at TV3 encouraging staff to vote for their stars.

In case you’re wondering about J Geeks’ eligibility for New Zealand’s Got Talentthe rules say:

7. Generally, it is a condition of participation that you have not previously entered into any commercial, contractual, sponsorship or other agreement or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect of your musical and/or performing abilities or the products thereof or in respect of you name likeness, image or biography. However, should you have entered into such an arrangement, you must immediately notify the Producer at the audition and the Producer may take such action as it considers in its absolute discretion to be appropriate including without limitation disqualifying you from the auditioning process.

Whatever the case, J Geeks are certainly making the most of the funding opportunities to further their little empire, which includes:

  • Upcoming summer tour
  • Large YouTube following (Over 5m views)
  • Their single Ghost Chips reached #11 on the charts
  • Their clothing label (PopVulture)
  • Performances at Rugby World Cup, NZ Fashion Week and Maori Sports Awards
  • On the cover of Women’s Day with Eva Longoria

In May 2011, ONE News even used J Geeks as an example of New Zealand artists finding financial success through a savvy campaign. They’re quoted saying they created:

“buzz internationally and within the New Zealand industry and it’s created this big monster now and it’s all through one online video that cost $450.”

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  • libby

    Bahaha thats funny!! Cant wait to see JGEEKS on TV3!

  • Zoe

    @deidah on twitter says: JGeeks are smart!!!! Which means their stint on #NZGT was just for publicity Lol Producers of their show ‘J Geek vs The World’ are the same producers of ‘The GC’

  • Sam

    Surely they would have had to disclose to TVNZ that they were developing something for TV3

  • Gary Wills

    Not another reality show. Enough please.

  • JGeek are good and fun but they’re not going to win NZ’s Got Talent. This is simply because they were the first contestants to perform, and in voting shows the first acts never win, regardless of how good they are.

    • I have a post on that scheduled for this evening. Suffice to say, based on the data, you may be wrong…

      • Sounds interesting! I based my remark on some academic research done (and annoying I can’t find the link) that discovered the later a contestant performs on a reality show, the better they do with a public vote. Also – following a good performer has a positive effect on the next contestant; following a bad performer has a negative effect on the next one.

        • It’s not far wrong. It also depends on when the voting lines open and how long the voting period is…

  • It’s worth nothing that it’s not out of the ordinary for musical acts (or rather, their record label or TV production company) to receive NZ On Air funding for both music and television projects they’re involved with.

    For example, NZ On Air funded $99,937 for a Dave Dobbyn one-hour performance special in 1994, and also funded $160,000 over the last 20 years for his music video and album funding. NZ On Air gave Fiona McDonald $35,000 for her music videos, $1 million for McDonald-hosted The Big Art Trip and $450,000 for NZ Idol, with Fi as a judge. My understanding is that there’s no limit to the amount of funding that an artist or production company can apply for – it’s all down to NZ On Air’s selection panels and how commercially successful the project will likely be.

  • bobscoffee

    wow regan what’s with this ongoing vendetta against nz’s got talent? sure I don’t find it that great either but you’ve almost turned Throng into a Anti-NZ’s got talent website

    • Almost? So you don’t find any of the information in this post remotely relevant or interesting?

  • Wait a minute, if JGeeks were on New Zealand’s Got Talent on TVONE, how the hell TV3 discover them? Isn’t that copyright infringement?

  • So after all this worry, not only did Jgeeks not win NZGT, the $100,000 or the car, but their TV3 show didn’t make it out of development. All that’s left from NZ On Air is the boring ol’ music funding! 😀

  • How much in total has Jgeeks received from Nz on air funding in the past few years?