Was Paul Holmes' Kim Dotcom interview his last?

Early last week we heard a rumour that current affairs stalwart Paul Holmes had been diagnosed with terminal congenital heart failure and had been given only weeks to live.  Rumors like this about people you have a great deal of respect for are quite upsetting so we set about to try and confirm if it was true or not.  Neither TVNZ, Q&A producer Tim Watkin or Paul Holmes’ wife Deborah, who we spoke to, would talk to us about it.

This past Sunday, Paul Holmes appeared on Q+A looking and sounding rather unwell in a pre-recorded interview with Kim Dotcom.  The interview had apparently been recorded on Friday and came after he had been off work and hospitalised once again at the beginning of the month after open heart surgery in June.  He has not been back at work on his radio show or Q+A since the end of October.  While there were many reports of his hospitalisation, there have been none saying he’s been discharged.

Paul thrives on the big interviews but this time he lacked his usual energy.   However, he still got a very big soundbite to add to his extensive legacy of famous interviews: Kim Dotcom accused the Prime Minister of lying and saying he had proof to back it up in court.

On the 25th of October, an expensive, star studded surprise party for Holmes was hosted and paid for by SkyCity. The event, hosted by John Hawkesby celebrated his work and included a video accolade from Prime Minister John Key.  Former Prime Minister Helen Clark also sent one as well but it did not arrive in time.

We sincerely hope that there is no truth to this and hope someone can put this rumor, which is circulating, to rest.

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  • Ana Samways

    How about trying to confirm BEFORE you publish? Bad form.

  • Oh, Regan. No, not OK:
    “We sincerely hope that there is no truth to this and hope someone can put this rumor (sic), which is circulating, to rest.”

    I worked with Paul for five years so maybe i’m sensitive, but gee, mate … nah.
    I don’t like what you’ve done here.
    – P

  • Shite! That isn’t good.

  • Desmond

    Maybe this is the only place this rumour is circulating? Maybe you should have held off until you can speak with Paul himself? What you’ve done here is not journalism, which you’re normally quite good at. It’s just a nasty piece of gossip. Really disappointing to see you fall so low.

  • Jim Prescott

    Oh my god, this post is so insensitive. What were you thinking? You clearly have no journalistic integrity whatsoever. You support unsubstantiated claims especially when a terminal illness may be involved? You brought shame on yourself and the entire website. Go crawl back into your hole.

  • Nicole

    Hope you feel ashamed, gossip is a pretty base way of making a living. Do you not have a moral compass?

  • David

    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=10849382 – Best not to trust stupid rumours Regan, I agree, bad form.

  • How else can news break?

  • Disenchanted

    Throng used to be thought-provoking, investigative and critical in the broader, rather than negative sense.
    Now it seems to be just more of a sycophantic, press release-based promoter of the lowest form of television and schlebs who are more like two legged self-promotion projects and now unfounded gossip-monger.
    What the hell happened?

  • sami

    Its rather creepy reading in the herald about that party being a “living wake”. anyone know when he’s going to be back at work? he hasn’t written for the herald since october or been on newstalkzb.

  • Luke

    Paul Holmes is sick with aggressive prostate cancer

  • Graeme W

    What a GREAT PERSON/BROADCASTER and people person, I felt very very sad when I heard that Paul Holme’s had passed away early this morning 01/02/2013

  • Tony Manero

    The rumour, in the end, was indeed true. RIP Paul Holmes. You hit the nail on the head with your comments and you’ll be missed by all.