Recap: New Zealand's Got Talent Grand Finale

It’s the Grand Finale of New Zealand’s Got Talent and the final two places are about to be revealed.  Dudley Fairbrass was the most voted for act last week while Rachel and Jason give Logan Walker the opportunity to perform again tonight over Ali’s single vote for the other top 3 finisher from last week, Arihia and Tahu.

There’s $100k and a car up for grabs for whoever the public votes as their favourite.

First up tonight are the J Geeks Ali thought that was a competition winning performance.  Jason said they blew it out of the water and they should expect a call from Peter Jackson. Rachel hopes they get the opportunity to show the world what they do.

Fletcher Oxford is performing another original song.  It’s a catchy tune. @RobynGallagher tweeted “When this kid grows up, he’s going to get his heart broken and end up like Gotye.”

Jason isn’t related but said he had one of those proud uncle moments.  He compares him to Taylor Swift. Rachel thinks he’s adorable and fantastic and hopes he finds his cat. Ali thought he had uber confidence perfoming another great original song.

Olivia Turner is apparently the oldest contestant ever to perform on the Got Talent franchise.  Perhaps that is her true talent then.  That coupled with the fact that she’s a victim of the Christchurch earthquake.  Her performance

Rachel said she has bought class and elegance to the competition. Ali had no doubt they’d meet again and thinks she’s an inspiration to us all. Jason learns something from her every time she sings.

Logan Walker was fairly average last week but he is fashionably boring tonight with a Justin Beiber christmas song.

Jason didn’t like his American accenting in his performance. Rachel wasn’t sure why he had to change it. Ali disagrees and doesn’t think he needed to prove anything, other than maybe perform something from “Wrong Direction”.

Clara Van Wel sings another original which has huge potential.  She’s very talented and brings tears to Jason’s eyes.  Of all the acts, if managed well, she could be a true star.

Jason thinks she’s very, very special. Rachel thinks she’s a huge star. Ali thought it was brilliant. Rachel added that they were all speechless.

Zane and Degge have been great throughout the competition but tonight was well below par as Zane couldn’t even get onto his unicycle.  Their crusty the clown gag was amusing though.

Rachel comments that she’s feeling really awkward right now. Ali can see school children all over the country making bread faces for weeks. Jason agreed that they completely missed the mark tonight and regressed.

The aptly named “Big” Dane belts out another diva classic.  He reminds of Unique from Glee every time he sings, just not as good. He’s as pitchy as hell in places but that seems to have been completely missed by the judges.

Rachel thinks he’s like a super-duper-star. Ali thought he did it really well while Jason is so glad he did a diva pop-ballad as well.

Tawaroa Kawana would do so well on Homai Te Pakipaki.  He’s a reasonable singer with good looks but he is no star.

Jason didn’t feel it emotionally but did technically. Rachel thinks he has an incredible voice but wanted more guts from it. Ali thought he delivered.

Evan Sinton is really very good but he needs to be in a band. He would make a fantastic front man as his energy and stage presence is sublime.

Jason says he’s proven that sometimes a cover can be better than the original.  Rachel says he’s incredible to watch. I’d agree. Ali thought it was epic.

Mihirangi Fleming annoys me every time I see her perform.  The praise that is heaped on her is completely unjustified. Ali says he’s toured around the world for 30 years and has never seen anything like her.  Again that just suggests that he’s only be going to his own gigs.  Her performance is not on the button and just horrible to listen to.

Rachel thought it was unbelievable.  Yawn. Ali told her she’s still his favourite. Jason is in love with her and thinks she’s New Zealand’s answer to Bjork. Are you kidding me?

Dudley Fairbrass found out at the start of the show that he had won a place in the grand finale and yet there is footage of him having a dress rehearsal. Nice consistency.

Jason thought it wasn’t as good as previously but lets him off for having the flu. Rachel enjoyed what he did. Ali thought it was all over a bit too soon.

Finally tonight is the eventual winner of New Zealand’s Got Talent, Jessie Hillel.  She has a beautiful voice and is flawless in her delivery.  I’ll be very interested to see if anyone signs her for a one off album.

Ali said it was beautiful and very moving. Jason admits that he cried again and would pay to watch her perform again. Rachel admits they saved the best for last and that she makes her miss her own kids.

Who do you want to win? Check out the New Zealand’s Got Talent voting information

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  • bobscoffee

    admittedly i didn’t see j-geeks perform, but the only one with real talent was the last girl Jessie. The finale turned out to be quite sub-par and boring. There was hardly any variety except for the juggling boys (well they tried to juggle anyway)

  • Here’s a piece of inside info – unfortunately, one of the jugglers hit his head on a pole quite hard just before coming up on stage and he was still reeling, that’s why he couldn’t get up on the bike. A pity.