Recap: New Zealand's Got Talent Semi Final 5

The fifth semi final of New Zealand’s Got Talent kicks off with the usual verdict from last week’s vote.  Clara Van Wel won the popular vote leaving the judges to decide between Zane and Degge’s juggling act and Prestige’s dance act.  Ali and Jason send Zane and Degge through to the grand finale.  Zane and Degge have possibly been the most entertaining act so far with their jovial comments so I’m not surprised the judges gave them their vote.

First up tonight is Fletcher Oxford who you may remember better as the kid who has lost his cat.  As it turns out, the cat isn’t actually lost, she’s just living somewhere else on his family’s farm.  He’s singing an original and it’s a completely boring way to start the show. I’m sure all the 55+ viewers who are unlikely to be buying a new car anytime soon would have just loved that.Rachel got lost in the moment and thought it was beautiful. Ali thinks he has a great recording career ahead of him. Is he delusional?  Jason was a lot blown away by him.

The All Star Cheerleaders are incredibly impressive to watch with their high energy routine but they weren’t anywhere as entertaining

Ali thought it was wicked. Not a lot of cheerleading but a lot of acrobatics. Jason thought it was incredible but unsure of the ending. Rachel thought everything they did was spectacular.

I find it interesting that each act can’t just stand on its own merits.  They have to ensure that we know that it’s the kid with the lost cat or the real estate agent from Invercargill – something allocated to the unmemorable.  Speaking of which, Jack Fraser does his average performance of trying to be Michale Buble.

Rachel thought it was very stylised but thought it was a bit creepy and yet loved it at the same time. Ali vaguely thought he stepped it up from the last time they saw him. Jason thought his performance was really slick.

Giancarlo and Masha remind me of Sunday nights of years gone by when Dancing With The Stars was topping the ratings.  They’re far better to watch than overweight politicians and former Shortland Street actors.

Jason thought the best thing was them singing along to the song. Seriously?  That was your favourite part?  Rachel was honored to have them on the stage. Ali thought they really were a world class act.  It would be nice if Ali actually contributed something to this show as I’m seriously hoping he wasn’t an expensive accessory for the show.

What Mihirangi Fleming does is cool but it’s a very faint shadow compared to how it can be done.  It was rather unspectacular.

Ali tells her she is his favourite act of the competition, proving that he hasn’t been to a see a live electronica gig in the last 15 years. Jason thought it just exuded aroha. And amateurishness.  Rachel thinks that it is just what this is all about.  I’d disagree.  It’s like she’s just seen King Kong for the first time and has no idea that it’s 73 years later and Peter Jackson has just remade it.

The judges have also decided that Arihia & Tahu will be performing next week alongside Dudley Fairbrass, Limit Break Dance Crew, Alfred the Circus Nerd and Logan Walker.

My picks to go through this week will be Fletcher Oxford and his cat scam and Mihirangi Fleming.

If you want to vote for any of these acts you have until 12pm on Tuesday to do so.

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  • just sayin

    I reiterate that just because Rachel Hunter was married to a musician in the past does not mean she is in any way musical or has the ability to pick talent. Am I the only one who has noticed her clapping out of time in 4 of the past 5 episodes? IMO for future series they should have 5 or 6 categories, singers, dancers, kids, novelty acts, groups. Pick the best 2 from each group for the final – seems a much fairer way of doing things. I thought Jack Fraser was spectacular – better than Buble.