Recap: New Zealand's Got Talent Semi Final 6

It’s the last semi-final of New Zealand’s Got Talent tonight where 5 more acts will vie for a place in the Grand Finale.  Who is going through from last week?  Unsurprisingly, the public’s favourite is the kid with the faux missing moggy story, Fletcher Oxford.  The judges get to pick between Mihirangi and the All Star Cheerleaders and it’s fairly obvious which act they’re going to put through.  Yay for more b-grade looping.

First up tonight are the Limit Break Dance Crew.  It’s reasonably energetic but it was a bit boring for me.  Jason buzzed them out and didn’t think they were as good as their audition.  Rachel questioned it as well.  Ali thought they didn’t quite look as though they looked as though they knew what they were going to do next.

Logan Walker was buzzed out during the auditions because the judges didn’t need to hear any more from him. He’s an ok singer but all the pointing and winking is too much for me. He needs some serious mentoring. Ali thought it was another great original and another single.  Jason thinks he has a great flair for writing pop tunes.  Rachel thinks he’s a superstar waiting to happen.

Alfred the Circus Nerd was rather entertaining.  Rachel loved it and thinks that it’s the kind of clean but dangerous fun is exactly what is need here.  It kept Ali on the edge of his seat. Jason thinks it’s a novelty act that was really entertaining.

Arihia and Tahu were the winners of the online viewers poll.  They are reasonable singers who kiwify an Amy Winehouse song and by kiwify, I mean ruin.  The typically upbeat song has had the life completely sucked out of it so that it can be as bland as possible.

Jason thought there was something endearing about it and fantastic. Ali was worried about the choice but thought it showcased their voices.  I’ve also just realised why he likes kiwi music so much.  It’s because we have to put a reggae beat behind everything.  Rachel thought it was fantastic and made her happy.

Dudley Fairbrass was ok but his backing vocalist was not.  It was rather distracting and too loud in the mix.  I wish that these talented singers would show a bit of spark though.  Rachel loved it and thought it was so unassuming and that there was something beautiful about it. Ali would like to have seen him connect with the audience.  Jason thought it was magical and that he had one of the best voices in the competition.

Finally tonight, Delta Goodrem shows them how it’s really done. She really is very good.

It was another fairly mediocre show tonight.  I suspect Arihia and Tahu will go through along with Dudley Fairbrass.

I also wanted to mention that it appears as though the producers have decided to mix things up this week and introduced a few new things to the show.  Tamati made his introductions from different places around the auditorium instead of simply just being on the stage while we also got to hear the judges make some comments after some of the performances.  I found it a little weird that they’d try experimenting with new things this late in the series.

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  • Look, I like Tamati, but not as the host of New Zealand’s Got Talent. He was okay up until the semi finals. Long-term, he’s not the right person.

    As for the judges….. BIG mistake. Not the right choices at all.

  • nzgt2012supporter

    LOVE YOUR HOSTING, TAMATI! Wished you were doin the XFactor. Got bowden! Now that is going to be ABSOLUTELY BORING!!! With all the hosting talent we have out there, is bowden the best xfactor can do! Grrrr!!