Shortland Street

7:00pm Monday, November 26 on TV2

Wendy (Jacqueline Nairn) spies on Murray (Matt Chamberlain); Vasa (Teuila Blakely) gets a warning from Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) and TK (Ben Mitchell) tells Josh (Chris Tempest) to back off this week on Shortland Street.

Monday November 26:

Wendy is worried when she hears that Murray is going on a date with the Wed NZ journalist, Maggie (Anna Hewlett). Remembering how Maggie deceived her into an interview earlier, Wendy realises Murray will fall for the same trick. She decides she has no choice but to intervene.

Tuesday November 27:

After taking Gus (Joe Folau) back to her apartment to nurse him, Vasa feels she is not crossing any ethical boundaries. However Rachel feels that Vasa is not doing what is best for the patient, and makes it clear that Vasa’s job is at stake. When Roimata (Shavaughn Ruakere) disappears, Josh eventually finds her trying to face her fears behind the IV. TK struggles to understand why Josh is always there for Roimata when he can’t be, and begins to find his uncanny timing suspicious. Fearing Josh has ulterior motives, TK is forced to let Josh know his feelings on the matter.

Will Wendy’s interference help or make situations worse with Maggie? Is Vasa at risk of losing her job? And could Josh be the culprit the detectives are looking for?

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