TVNZ announces Sunday 2013 plans

TVNZ has announced plans for its Sunday programme next year.

TV One will run a mixture of one hour and half hour episodes of the current affairs show in 2013 following the success of its pairing with New Zealand’s Got Talent on Sunday nights.

TVNZ says the show has expanded its audience base over the past few months.

“When we placed Sunday at 7pm and reduced the length to fit in the season of NZ’s got Talent, there was some concern that this might damage Sunday’s viewership,” said Chief executive Kevin Kenrick.

“In fact the opposite has happened and Sunday’s viewership has improved by more than 30%. The combination of news, current affairs and big entertainment has been a hit with our viewers.”

More episodes of Sunday will air next year in order to keep the total air time the same as this year.

“Our news and current affairs programmes and our entertainment programmes are mutually dependent – to maximise the success of both we must be flexible and tailor our schedule to what works for viewers, and Sunday night has been a fantastic example of this.”

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  • John Drinnan

    Author? Brad – isn’t that just the press release from TVNZ?

  • John Drinnan

    Author? Brad, isn;t this just the press release from TVNZ that came out 24 hours earlier?

  • Sarah McMullan

    Looks like the press release to me….