Uninspired by TVNZ's 2013 line-up

Every year around this time the TV networks in New Zealand roll out their new season packages, giving us a glimpse as to what lies ahead for the following year.  Head of TV One and TV2, Jeff Latch described TVNZ’s 2013 new season as offering “a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before”. I beg to differ.

In the 50 plus years of television in New Zealand, does he honestly believe that statement?  There is no new hit like a Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives so I’m not sure what he’s referring to at all.

Latch also believes “the strong local programme line-up, the new and returning News and Current Affairs programming and the extensive showcase of outstanding international content means that TVNZ will continue to deliver the nation’s most watched content”.  But as we know, most watched does not equate to best.

In 2012, TVNZ lead their new season launch with Pan Am.  It was canned by the network shortly after and now, more than twelve months later, TV2 are about to begin screening it late on Saturday nights. Of their 2013 line up, one of their highlighted shows has already been cancelled and a number of others are heading towards the same fate.

When it comes to local content, TVNZ have described new dramedy, Agent Anna, as the story of an embattled solo mum who is down on her luck and turns to the world of real estate to reverse her fortunes. Sound familiar?  It should do.  Even more so when it’s revealed that Robyn Malcolm is playing the lead role.

Then there is the return of Dream Home on the heels of the success of TV3’s The Block.

Is it just me or is TVNZ completely bereft of new ideas?

2013 will no doubt deliver ratings for TVNZ but no one should be fooled into believing it has anything to with a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before.


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  • Bravo

    Emporer’s new clothes

  • Reece

    Its just the usual spin. You are right though about the 2013 lineup its rather average. The tide is certainly out for US content at the moment so TVNZ have to make do with what they can get. I do see that TV One has six australian dramas listed for 2013 and even trying to cash in on Primes murder shows on saturdays by offering their own ‘Sunday Murder Mystery’.

  • TV3’s new shows are SO much better 🙂

  • At least they’re doing New Zealand’s Got Talent again. It’s a rating winner, and deserves to have another season, (with a few changes).

  • patrick brady

    so you think tv3 has the 2013 line up to beat well you wait till you see what tv2 has to offer and they are and i mean way bigger shows to beat well look at the line up tv2 of shows like arrow and 666 park avenue so come to tv2 you will be blown a way

    • Reece

      666 Park Avenue has been axed by ABC and Arrow is a niche CW show that will eventually end up in a post 10.30PM slot. It will be business as usual for TV2 however and it will still beat TV3.

  • GoodGravey

    I would LOVE to see TVNZ, or any channel, broadcast this doco: http://www.allywalker.com/ForNorman.asp