Weekend Murders: Lewis

8:40pm Saturday, October 27 on Prime

Drama Series

When local businesswoman Andrea de Ritter is brutally bludgeoned to death, Lewis and Hathaway are called in to investigate what appears to be a blackmail plot gone wrong. Andrea was the founder of the Gifted Child organisation, and responsible for handing out an annual scholarship to gifted teens, with this year’s recipient being the precocious Zoe Suskin. However, Andrea herself was struggling for money, and coincidentally she seemed to have found out a secret about Zoe’s father – publisher, Leon Suskin. The mystery somehow related to a murder which happened over twenty years ago, during the Irish Troubles. Before her own death, Andrea sent Leon a copy of the newly published memoirs of former MI5 Chief, Grace Orde. Tucked between the pages was a mysterious note, “Who killed Mary?” Lewis goes to speak to Orde, but faces a wall of resistance. Meanwhile, Hathaway has to be tested for arsenic poisoning.

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