Here is the list of new shows and returning shows to TV3 in 2013.  You will notice a stong line up of new local shows with a number of new ones from the various stars of 7 Days.  There is no specific word on a return of The GC or The Ridges but both were represented at the TV3 New Season launch today so don’t be surprised if they make a reappearance next year.

Ben & Kate
Chicago Fire
Go On (Matthew Perry)
Saving Gen Y
Territory Cops
The New Normal
The Americans

Ben & Steve Present (Ben Hurley and Steve Wrtigley)
Blue Rose – drama/comedy/thriller (Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall)
Crime Exposed – observational documentary
Family Secret
Harry – Sam Neill and Oscar Kightley
Hope & Wire – Drama set in Christchurch following the Feb 2011 earthquake
Prison Families
Sunny Skies – Tammy Davis and Oliver Driver
The Radio – Jeremy Corbett and Paul Ego
The X Factor NZ
Third Degree – Duncan Garner

Australian Federal Police
CSI: New York
Grand Designs Australia
Kevin’s Grand Designs
Grand Designs UK
Home and Away
Ice Road Truckers
Last Man Standing
Modern Family
NCIS: Los Angeles
Nurse Jackie
Project Runway
Sons of Anarchy
World’s Deadliest Roads
The Graham Norton Show
The X Factor USA
Wild Life at the Zoo
The Block Australia
The Big C

7 Days
Destroyed in Seconds
ITM Fishing Show
Jono and Ben at Ten
Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker
Road Cops
The Secret Lives of Dancers
Super City
The Almighty Johnsons
The Block NZ
The Comedy Gala
3 News
3 News at 12
Campbell Live
Sports Tonight

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  • Reece

    Its good TV3 has opted for more local content which is especially needed since the tide/popularity for US content is out at the moment. I still think they will fail to gain traction much like this year however.

  • h.lua

    hmmmm more unfunny comedies from the 7 days stars? bit of a let down but less tv3 are stepin in the rite direction in producing more nz content i think if they build on that more and have maybe a few more home made dramaz to add to the network then theyd have a steady audience hovering around the 330 thousand mark on average which for tv3 would be like winning the lotto lol and whats with the third degree interting name but once again et has that ‘3’ in et like ‘3’ 60

  • Looking forward to Blue Rose and The Americans 🙂

  • h.lua

    i notice thrz no mention of whats really in our food or target but im guesing they returning anyways unless i missed something

  • Reece

    I see TV3 are now running a promo with The Simpsons & Family Guy being part of their 2013 lineup. They must have realized what little content they have for this year and shifted new episodes over from four.

  • soul_man

    Sounds like some of the new local content are rip-offs from Maori TV and their productions.