Don't believe everything Rachel Glucina says

Three weeks ago we suggested that Paul Holmes’ Kim Dotcom interview was his last due to his deteriorating health.

Two days later, the New Zealand Herald’s gossip columnist, Rachel Glucina, quoted Holmes as saying “Nothing is really wrong with me“.  The NZ Herald then repackaged her gossip column as news, which was then repeated by 3 News and others without any further verification.

A week later, Paul Holmes announced that he was giving up his radio show citing “a few health scares” but would still be a contributor for Newstalk ZB.

Another week later and the Herald reports that Paul Holmes is retiring from broadcasting.  The long interview entitled “Poor health forces Holmes out” provides a fair amount of insight into his condition:

“I think it is only fair to the television channel, to New Zealand On Air and to the team who produce Q&A that they have a host the frequency of whose appearance is at least consistent.”

He didn’t think he would be doing the right thing by lingering on. “The other thing is, I’ve done enough broadcasting. I’m happy.” His health is not up to the demands of the travel, prep and performance. “I think people know, the game is up.”

The following day, the Sunday Star Times published their own profile of the man who has forever changed the face of broadcasting in New Zealand.

In the SST, Holmes talks about his Kim Dotcom interview being his last:

“Someone the other day said ‘you started your career with Dennis Conner and you finished it with Kim Dotcom’. I did an interview I am very proud of with Kim Dotcom a few weeks back. I was very sick that day. The medication for my cancer was making me very ill that day. I think I had a throw up and we carried on. I liked him, and I think he liked me. Intellectually I found him extremely interesting. I forgive anything if there’s an intellect . . . almost.”

On the 25th of October, a surprise party was held for Paul Holmes at Sky City.  At the time, New Zealand Herald gossip columnist, Rachel Glucina, eerily described it as “a living wake, of sorts“.  There were multiple cameras filming the event which, from the photos, looks very similar to This Is Your Life.

In the two interviews that were published on the weekend, Holmes has said he’d like to be remembered as “a decent bloke” and “a nuggety bugger” suspects that people will probably remember him for the way he arrived than the way he departed.

“people will probably remember me for being a complete arsehole for the way I interviewed Dennis Conner”

He’ll definitely be remembered.  More importantly, he’ll be sorely missed.

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