Quickflix service coming to Freeview

It’s been confirmed that Quickflix will be available to FreeviewHD viewers from next year.

Viewers who connect their Freeview set-top boxes to the internet will be able to access the pay-TV service via their on-screen guides.

Quickflix offers an unlimited internet TV service that allows subscribers to access movies, TV and other content for $14.99 a month.

The difference between standard Freeview channels and Quickflix is that the latter is streamed to Freeview devices over the internet rather than through digital terrestrial radio.

Freeview chief executive Sam Irvine said there should be around 500,000 televisions and set-top boxes able to receive Quickflix when it launches next year. He also said it would be the first real reason to connect your Freeview box to the internet as previously there had been “not a lot to connect for”.

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About the author

  • Interesting development

  • Karl

    If I can make it work with my Panasonic freeview recorder it’ll be really quite good.

  • Riley

    Gonna stick with Netflix lol, Quickflix is just sad