Spartacus props to be auctioned off in Auckland this weekend

Spartacus fans will have the chance to snap up a souvenir from the popular show in Auckland this weekend.

Over 5000 props from the Auckland-based series are going under the hammer to mark the conclusion of the show’s production.

“We’ve got a few heads that aren’t joined to bodies, we’ve got a little baby, a horse head – those sort of things that are a bit macabre and you get a bit of a fright when you come across. But everything else is actually really well made,” said James Hogan from Webb’s auction house.

“The team have put a lot of effort into how the props and the sets should look. And all the wooden furniture is really well made – I’d have it at home.”

The collection also includes the likes of furniture, blankets and other props – many of which are covered in fake blood.

The auction takes place at 11am, Sunday 9 December at 5 Gabador Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland.

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