The Top 10 reasons why you shouldn't get Igloo

On monday, Sky and TVNZ launched their hardly anticipated new subscription television service.

Here’s our list of reasons why it shouldn’t be under your tree this Christmas or anywhere else in your house for that matter.

10. It’s probably still broken.  

The custom built platform was supposed to be launched months ago but has been delayed due to “technical problems”.  Is the launch simply exploitation of the spending season or a Christmas miracle?

9. TVNZ are involved.

Remember when TVNZ said “TiVo transforms television“? How are all those customers feeling today?  How long before Igloo too melts down?

8. A comparable Freeview box is less than half the price.

There are a number of basic models of DVB-T receivers which also have the ability to record to a connected USB storage device.

7. Sport is ultra-expensive.

The base “30 day channel pack” plus purchasing every Super XV match The Chiefs play during that period would cost you up to $99.74. On Sky this would cost $72.46 and include more channels, every Super XV game and a lot more sports besides.

6. Paying for content that used to be free.

Two of the eleven Igloo channels feature content that TVNZ used to broadcast for free:  Kidzone24 and TVNZ Heartland.

5. All Igloo content is Standard Definition.

The only content that you’ll be able to view in High Definition is from any of the free-to-air channels that broadcast in HD.  All of the extra content you’re paying for is delivered in standard definition.  This includes movies and sport.

4. High per channel price.

The “Sky Basic” package costs approximately $1.36 per premium channel compared with $2.27 per premium channel on Igloo.

3. Igloo is not a middle option.

Currently, a new 12 month “Sky Basic” package (~63 channels) with 3 months free sport and SoHo and free installation costs $553.44.
A new Igloo box (~34 channels) which you install yourself and a 12 month subscription costs $478.05
A new Freeview box (~29 channels) which you install yourself costs from $99.

2. Two thirds of the channels you can already watch for free.

That’s right.  They’re already free.  And also the most watched.

1. You’re not an Eskimo.

They’re the only ones who should have an igloo.

Those are our top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t get igloo and now we want yours.  We’ve got a brand new Samsung MyFreeview HD digital TV recorder (BDE-8500) worth $649 to give away.

In addition, if anyone reposts this on their own blog, we’ll include any comments made there in the draw. Have at it.

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  • Josh

    Goodness Me, From the start Igoo has been a platform full of troubles and high-cost end products, This idea is way to big for a small country, yet alone only the main centers have access to it. As everyone is concentrated on either mySky or Freeview HD, having the option to go to Igloo may seem “a bit late”. Will see if momentum picks up but i am definatley avoiding it !

  • Gem

    I think anything that involves a relationship between our public broadcaster and Sky is a bad idea.

  • rouppe

    And I get Sky cheaper than that cause of an offer from Telecom years ago.

    Too many bloody devices hanging around the lounge anyway

  • Alloytoo

    I need a reason for IGnoring IGloo?

  • Mr Bungle

    I don’t watch much TV to begin with so I refuse to pay ludicrous amounts of money to Sky and for something that amounts to excrement. Freeview is a nice option but it is too one dimensional and doesn’t look outside the box and while I sat up and listened to what Igloo were offering their product has some great ideas but is expensive and the interface doesn’t allow freedom to use your TV as if it is a computer. All of these products have one thing in common, none are looking at future trends. My advice, I purchased a Pocket TV for a couple of hundred bucks and suits my needs perfectly. Google it! 🙂

  • Donzai

    Igloo = Igpoo

  • Carol56

    the lack of an in-built recording function was a deal breaker for me

  • Gary Wills

    I will not get Igloo or Sky as I do not watch enough television to justify the expense. I am happy with Freeview and will be staying with that option, instead of spending money in the name of false economy.

  • I don’t get pay tv at all because there is enough on free to air and I will buy DVDs for other stuff if necessary.

  • Tracey

    The way we watch TV is changing but it will never change to what we really want as long as Sky has the monopoly and stands to lose a lot of money. Igloo is just the same old TV model, wrapped up in a very similar package and still gives Sky all the power.

  • Brad

    Ugly piece Throng. Some good old kiwi bashing of a new business – what an ugly little nation we can be sometimes. Dont know much about Igloo but this is just a negative piece. If you havent got anything nice to say…

    • Loaf

      Yeah, well, welcome to the real world. If its an un-competitive product why shouldn’t it be said? What, just put on a smile and pretend its not rubbish? Come on now.

      • James Gray

        Well, uh,

        #10 is pure conjecture

        #6 is ridiculous as nobody is entitled to have others spend resources to have a service delivered for free (you could argue that those channels are not worth the money, and you might have a point, but that isn’t what they’re saying here)

        #1 has absolutely nothing to do with the product being delivered, it’s just a play on the name

        Furthermore, while #8 may have relevance to your decision to purchase the product, it has no objective relevance to the product.

        So basically this article is actually 6 good reasons not to buy igloo, and also some crap that we pulled out of our arse

  • I got a TiVo when it went cheap and I love it – they are cheaper than this box now too. This will flop…

  • Shem Banbury

    Igloo will work out more expensive. I would have to pay $15 to watch the Breakers / Phoenix for one game – what a rip off. Maybe it is me but I would prefer a monthly fee, with the ability to watch anything, rather than pay for items one by one.

  • Darcy

    Not bothering with igloo or Sky. Id much prefer to pick 4-5 channels that I care to watch ever and not have to pay for content I wont use, and content should be on demand, thats why alot of people still download apart from shows on four which are the same week.
    Ill stick with freeview, even after TVNZ screwed parents by removing kidzone and making it a paychannel and replacing it with U. a terrible channel that shows from midday. Why not just show kidzone instead of the placeholder logo directly fed from the 24 channel…

  • Barbs

    I refuse to pay to support bullies like Sky or any other pay TV service when the option is there to watch online/on demand/local pub to watch the game (which is often more fun anyway with other people’s shouting and enthusiasm.) I get the odd complaint from my 10-year-old about not having Disney channel but then I feel happy when I see her get out her lap top to write music or short stories. When did our lives start to revolve around TV? In this day and age, it should be the other way round!

  • Tony

    Igloo is way too costly. You’re better off with sky or freeview

  • Philip

    I think a tv on demand service where you can pay for a series would work out better.

  • I pay just under $1,200 per year for mySky with HD sports. I only watch the Crusaders, a couple of tests and maybe a game or two of cricket, and don’t really watch any other sky channels. Igloo would represent a decent saving for me, but with a huge downgrade in quality. The lack of HD and satellite options make this a no-go for me. Disappointing, as I think pay per view sports is a great idea.

  • Sean

    Anything that is not HD, is not worth having. How can you charge for those premium channels at a higher rate and not offer them in the current standard. Its not even internet connected. Come on NZ get with the times. Digital TV is HD, with 3D options, and interactivity. How about doing something like Virgin Medias Tivo box from the UK.

  • David Cole

    If the price per match was the same as a movie (approx $7) and in HD I think I could over look the cost of the box and get one. Until then I’ll stick with delayed ABs SD coverage since its no better/no worse than igloo, + free.

  • Jay Patel

    A partnership with the monopoly player disguised as competition

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  • EL

    All power to Igloo if they can convince people to buy an inferior product, for almost the same amount as the Sky basic package. I certainly won’t be subscribing, as the idea of having to purchase each individual Super game is exhausting.

  • Mike

    I have never had Sky but have started to consider it lately mainly so I can watch the Football (real football Barclay’s Premier) at home and at a sociable hour. Igloo sounds like a waste of time given the cost. Would love the Samsung MyFreeview HD digital TV recorder!!

  • Chris2

    Igloo is old technology. I have fibre optic installed and 100Gb a month to burn through at 60Mbps so I can stream all the quality BBC and ITV channels I need, straight to my TV.

  • Karl

    Reason #xx: this will give the regulators a reason to think there is competition in the pay tv market, when there’s still not.

  • Karl

    Reason #xx+1: it’s getting easier to stream from the Internet to your tv, where you can choose to watch things when you want.

  • Got an Igloo here. Midway between TiVo and Quickflix, without the recording plus expensive sports events. Access to TV series should be a monthly subscription (a la Quickflix) instead of $1.99 per episode. The price just doesn’t make sense.

  • Jonathan Polglase

    I can only imagine this is done for political reasons – surely no-one thinks this is a good commercial product launch?

  • SnowJedi

    The Igloo goes into standby overnight . If you leave an external recorder active you get a blank screen beyond 4AM Very stupid Mr Igloo !

  • Mat

    Pretty hideous pricing to say the least – though all credit to Sky for managing to spin an even bigger monopoly as somehow enabling consumer choice. I use (and pay for) Hulu and Netflix, and they absolutely blow any options we have out of the water. Interestingly, it seems Sky is starting to pick up on this whole “internet” thing too, as they seem to be extending cautious tentacles out to customers asking their opinion on accessing content over the internet via MySky boxes.

  • Ian

    If no one subscribes then hopefully Sky’s spectrum will be freed up for something useful

  • You will be supporting a monopoly if you buy an Igloo box. Support the small guys!

  • Cliff Baker

    I think if you used it for a limited amount of Pay Per View events it’s ok, but for regular usage of sky channel package, it’s not worth it.

  • shake99

    Sky tv is killing NZ tv.. we need more free tv , and sport live games on free tv too..

  • Andrew R

    It costs too much and the PPV sports isn’t even HD for the high price.
    The box should only cost $120 at the most and PPV sports should only be about $8.
    The channel pack is very expensive ($25 for 11 channels). Where you could have Sky Multiroom for the same price and would get a far better selection of channels.

  • Wyv

    Why doesn’t anyone like Tivo? They’re great. They were way to expensive to start with but by the end you could get them for $200. Igloo looks like an expensive option. Perhaps when they lower the price for sport I’ll consider it.

  • I realise that Sky have little motivation to just give their stuff away but given the start up costs I would have hoped for a decent PTR and HD content.

  • I_Am_Artemis

    I was put off by the creepy goody-goody gumdrops with googly eyes.

  • Az

    Is it possible to play movies/music files such as (.MP4 & .AVI) through the igloo box USB port?

  • miffed

    If you just want to watch a rugby every now and again its not a bad option. If only they did HD for all content. A bit peeved that there is still no competition to ensure consumers get what they want

  • Charles

    Her are my 10 reasons, The promotors of Igloo are:

    1 deceitful

    2 dishonest

    3 twofaced

    4 untruthful

    5 fraudulent

    6 corrupt

    7 immoral

    8 unethical

    9 Devious

    10 Evil

  • Robbie

    I am watching all igloo channels for Free, unsure why as the 30 day trial ended, we went back to basic channels now we have all of them again. Must be a fault in the igloo box but I’m not complaining. An igloo box for $40 second hand and 26 channels! wicked

  • Redneck

    The truth NOT revealed is still a lie. Unfortunately this fact eludes so many of our marketers today. I bought an Igloo one day & returned it the next when the truths & realities of the poor pulling power, the extra expenses suggested, e.g. pay a serviceman to re-align my aerial to the Igloo signal (at the possible loss of signal to my existing Freeview?), “buy & try an HDMI cable…” was another suggestion. The worst marketing tool employed here was that the customer must first install the equipment, wait for a preliminary screen response then make contact with Igloo to register the product BEFORE being able to watch even the FREE content. Not for me.

  • Searching4SportsFan

    Igloo tv has the rudest support team and customers services. I kept getting interrupted by the telephonist. I asked if they had any packages and she blurted out random stuff. I asked to to hang on a minute, she doesn’t know what services I want, but blurts off thats what shes trying to tell me. shes giving me a whole list of items and prices I dont want, I tell her I only want basic and sport channel, shes blurting out movies and other items I don’t want. I gave up. Call lasted 14 minutes, yep. took me 1 minute to type this. going to find someone else that isn’t sky of igloo.

  • janinsane

    what a load of crock regarding the cost of igloo. If you buy a years subscription you get the igloo box for free and then it is only $19.99 per month. How that adds up to over $400.00 beats me. maybe this person cant count.
    I love igloo…it beats all the infomercials played ad infinitum overnight for us night owls. As for skytv, you have to lock in to their system which takes away any choice you may have and then give them notice of intent to stop their service. GO IGLOO.

  • janinsane

    I LOVE IGLOO…all you haters are missing out. Its a good cheap way for those that cant afford the earth (or sky) to watch some decent shows.

  • Lyall Jenkins

    Igloo is fine, it aint all that bad as some would let on. I enjoy getting the sky channels that igloo offers, even the price of $19.95 a month is fine by me.. no big deal really.