Blitz Street

9:45pm Monday, January 14 on Prime

Documentary Series

Episode two of Blitz Street continues by telling the story of the bombing of civilians during the last two months of 1940. Tonight the street is on the receiving end of one of the largest bombs the Luftwaffe ever dropped on Britain: The SC1000, nicknamed The Hermann. A bomb this large was designed to cause massive damage to the infrastructure of industrial Britain, as the Luftwaffe did to Coventry on 14th November 1940 in an attempt to destroy Britain’s manufacture of munitions. In a city of a quarter of a million people, more than 1,000 were injured and nearly 600 killed in Coventry. The programme talks to several people who were survivors of that night. Marjorie talks about the death of her father who was killed by falling masonry. Joan describes in emotional detail how there was nothing to eat for days after the blast and her father was forced to break into a butcher shop to feed his hungry family.

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