Confirmed: The final two X Factor NZ judges

xfactornzjudgesmelanierubyThe TV3 X Factor NZ website has confirmed the final two judges for The X Factor NZ.

British pop star Melanie Blatt (formally a member of All Saints) and kiwi singer-songwriter Ruby Frost will join Stan Walker and Daniel Bedingfield on the judging panel.

Blatt said: “I can’t wait to see what kind of artists and voices we are going to find in New Zealand. I’m sure there is a wealth of untapped talent waiting to be found and nurtured.

“I also cannot wait to discover New Zealand properly. My daughter is a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. We are beyond excited about living there for a bit.”

Frost said: “I got my start in music through a live competition too, so I know what it’s like to battle with nerves for a shot at your dream,” she says.

“I just want to share what I’ve learnt over the past few years; about recording, working with labels and publishers, and breaking into the local scene.”

Melanie Blatt co-founded All Saints in 1993, which quickly became one of the most successful British pop groups of the 1990s; with nine top ten singles including global hits ‘Never Ever’, ‘I Know Where It’s At’ and ‘Pure Shores,’ the theme from Leonardo DiCaprio film The Beach.

Ruby Frost is one of New Zealand’s most talented rising pop stars. She captured the attention of the local music industry, and a recording contract in 2009, winning the inaugural MTV talent competition 42Unheard. In 2010, Ruby won the Grand Prize in the pop category of prestigious international John Lennon Songwriting Contest, with her hit song ‘Hazy.’


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About the author

  • I’m not happy 🙁

  • I personally don’t give a shit, because the whole show is a bad idea. It will be over after one season.

  • Reece

    I think Melanie Blatt is a good choice, Ruby Frost on the other hand? Well if I knew any of her songs I could comment.

    • carol56

      they obviously had a few problems filling the last female judging position

      • bobscoffee

        both female judging positons rather?

  • Of the four judges the only one I think will be a good judge is Daniel, the other 3 yuck…will be interesting to see if Daniel gets Natasha to help out with the mentoring 🙂

    • Chris

      Yes I hope that Daniel enlists her sister as well but I don’t understand your dislike of Melanie Blatt as a judge?, if anything she’s actually the best choice, having been a huge popstar. With the All Saints she had international success with nine top ten singles, two multi-platinum albums and sold a total of ten million records. I know which one I’d prefer as my mentor!!

      • I don’t dislike Melanie Blatt in fact I don’t know anything about her, I never was a All Saints fan, I’m a Spice Girls fan …..actually TV3 should have got someone from Bananarama 🙂

  • Vikstix88

    Who are these people?