Criminal Minds

8:30pm Monday, January 21 on TV One

The nail-biting Criminal Minds season premiere welcomes a new face – Emmy Award-nominated actor Jeanne Tripplehorn (Big Love).

Last year, the team were forced to take drastic action when Garcia was taken hostage, and Emily Prentiss said an emotional goodbye.

This season, an intriguing new profiler, Alex Blake (Tripplehorn), is introduced, but how will this seasoned agent handle the challenges of the BAU team?

Alex hits the ground running when a Texan inmate known as ‘The Silencer’ escapes, only to leave a trail of victims all found with their mouths sewn shut.

The Criminal Minds team must work faster and harder than ever to bring this case to a close. But how can the search get underway if the team are at odds?

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