9:00pm – Sunday, January 6 on FOUR

This week sees Futurama concluding its latest, seventh season with an episode which sees the hit animated series re-imagined in three different animation styles. Futurama screens on Sunday, January 6 th at 9pm on FOUR. Futurama was recently picked up for 26 new episodes, but when writers were mapping out the current season, they didn’t know if this would be their final, so they crafted the season finale as a potential series ender.

“The idea is that it’s Futurama reincarnated in three different animation styles,” says executive producer David X. Cohen. “One is in [Max] Fleischer black-and-white style, one in a 1980s video-game style and one in a Japanese anime style.”

“We’re going to go out in style,” adds Cohen. “And then we’ll be back next year.” Make sure not to miss the Futurama season finale, screening on Sunday, January 6 th at 9pm on FOUR.

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