Gareth Morgan wants to kill your cat

gareth-morganGareth Morgan’s appearance on Campbell Live last night speaking of his vendetta against the cats of New Zealand sparked an interesting debate on Twitter.

Morgan is arguing that cats are to blame for the disappearance of our native wildlife and says they need to be phased out so other species can thrive.

He told Campbell Live: “Your cat does a lot of damage, so if you want to love him, fine.  But keep him in your house.  If you let him onto my property, I want to have to right to trap that cat and get rid of it, because I would rather have the skinks, the geckos, the lizards, the birds anytime over your cat.”

He found some support on Twitter under #catstogo but others dismissed his ideas as misguided.

TV3’s Rachel Smalley commented, pointing out that possums are doing more damage: “I live in the Waitakeres. Don’t have a cat, never seen a wild one. But possums are rampant, eating eggs, destroying nests @CampbellLiveNZ”

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