GM walks out on Igloo

piglooAfter 18 months on the job, multiple delayed launches and the eventual release of an incredibly terrible service, Igloo’s General Manager has deserted the icy venture.  Chaz Savage heads to Australia to take on the role of General Manager for T-Box, Telstra’s set-top box.

The unsurprising move is made interesting by the fact that his new boss is none other than former TVNZ CEO, Rick Ellis.

Ellis was responsible for the $15m failed investment of TVNZ in TiVo and a further $12.25m in the (failing?) joint Igloo project with Sky.

Telstra shareholders beware.

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  • Who said the blogosphere didn’t have enough influence?

  • thegreatlament

    This is INSANE!!! How the hell do these completely out of touch nutters continue to fall upwards?!? TVNZ’s money pit that was TiVo could have paid for some 30 ORIGINAL KIWI SHOWS. Igloo is terrible technology designed to create the illusion of competition in the PayTV space and TVNZ Heartland is selling local NZ On Air content that we all paid for to Sky.

    It’s not the Internet that is destroying our industry, it’s these overpaid clowns.

    Do us a favour Mediaworks, you haven’t unleashed any crazy this week. Why don’t you announce the CEO of the Shopping Channel will be taking over TV3 and Rachel Smalley’s news show will be replaced with Jelly Sandals and Steam Mops.

    Am I the only person furious about these decisions? NZ On Air, The Charter, TVNZ6, TVNZ7, 60 Minutes, Weekend Breakfast, Sports Tonight, Target, Good Morning, Closeup, Sunday. All more or less DEAD.

    It’s just so damn depressing watching these clowns produce nothing but losses.

  • Anon

    What are you on??? How about GM of Igloo gets poached to wickedly better job across the ditch. You’re turning into a bitter old hack Regan.

  • Stig

    How can you possibly say that a product is failing when it has only been in the marketplace for less than 2 months and you have no stats? Looks like you and Freeview are very close and that’s why your comments are so one eyed….get back on the bong throng.