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5:30pm – Monday, January 28 on TV 3

As Home and Away continues its action-packed 2013 season, this week see the arrival of brother and sister duo, Spencer and Maddie, in Summer Bay. Home and Away screens Monday, January 28 th to Friday, February 1 st at 5:30pm on 3. Series star Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts, recently spoke about these Summer Bay newcomers, promising “intrigue” from their arrival.

“They arrive with a secret. That’s all I can tell you – that there’s a secret that is revealed within a couple of weeks,” McGranger says. “They’re both terrific actors.” “Andrew [who plays Spencer] is playing much younger than what he is – I think he’s about 23 and he’s playing 17. Kassandra is playing Maddie, and I think they’ll be a terrific addition to the Home and Away family with the intrigue and the secret they have.”

“Much later on down the track, their brother Chris turns up and there’s a bit of drama there, too,” McGranger continues.

The arrival of Spencer and Maddie comes after Home and Away producers promised to feature more fostering storylines and increase the number of scenes at Summer Bay High.

Asked whether Home and Away’s writers are trying to take the show back to its roots, McGranger says: “Oh, absolutely. I think there’s a few things that are important to the success of a show like Home and Away. I think the viewers like the stalwarts, they like the lynchpins – the Alfs, the Irenes, the Leahs… and of course, the Marilyns, the Roos and the Harveys.

“Those characters are important, but the young ones are the ones who, if you like, life happens to! They circle around the lynchpins, and I think the more young people you have on the show, the more opportunity there is for that kind of drama.” Make sure not to miss the arrival of this “drama” when we get our first introduction to Spencer and Maddie in Home and Away, screening Monday, January 28 th to Friday, February 1 st at 5:30pm on 3.

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