Leave town then

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have a New Zealand Herald in front of you and you happen across a TV review penned by Greg Dixon, walk away.  Quickly.

Like most “journalists” who work in print media, Dixon loves to hate on TV.  Particularly award winning shows and ones with critical acclaim.

After slinging off at how the Hollywood Foreign Press gifted Homeland 3 undeserving Golden Globes for the second year in a row, he steadies his glare towards Anthony Starr’s new show Banshee.

Banshee’s script occasionally throws up a memorable wisecrack, and there is fun being had with the thief-turned-gamekeeper nature of Starr’s Hood, but I don’t think there’s enough going on in Banshee to keep me in town for long.

While Dixon wishes Starr well in his US career, he doesn’t believe his new show is going to win him any awards.  The man who once described the sexy noise of turning on an Aston Martin as unnerving doesn’t think the story is believable enough.  He also vents at how a cops and robbers show isn’t an original concept.

It amazes me that newspapers continue to employ people who hate watching television to write reviews that rarely reflect the views of those who actually do.

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  • What’s your point here? He didn’t like the show, he’s entitled too (it is his job). I even agree with most of his points, he’s not the only reviewer saying it either. You think that because it has a Kiwi in it he should automatically like the show no matter what. Thank god we don’t only get to listen to people like you, who know nothing about television and who get so excited about any new local show they have no credibility at all (i’m talking about your review of The Cult).

  • David Finch

    Are we going to have reviews of reviews now? If you’re going to go down that dead end road, you need to lift your game. I don’t much like Greg Dixon’s reviews either, but his stuff is better written, more entertaining, and a whole lot less petty than your attack on him.