Prime News: First At 5.30

5:30pm Monday, January 28 on Prime


Prime News: First At 5:30 is backed by the worldwide resources of SKY NEWS 24-hour news service and delivers viewers a concise roundup of national and international news and sport with immediate access to breaking news and events. Prime News: First At 5:30 is anchored by veteran broadcaster Eric Young, with the assistance of Alistair Wilkinson and Charlotte Bellis. Prime’s political coverage is spearheaded by Political Editor Barry Soper, the longest serving reporter in the Press Gallery. As well as presenting the weekend news, Charlotte Bellis is training for the Nutri-Grain Ironman NZ on March 2, 2013. It’s the toughest race in the country, but we believe she can do it! Check out Charlotte’s Ironman journey so far at

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