Rachel Smalley fighting online photo thief

rachel_smalleyRachel Smalley has been caught up in a little Facebook ad drama that involves a photo of her being used without her permission to advertise a weight loss company.

Smalley tweeted yesterday: “Another email from Facebook. They say unless I can prove ownership of my photo, they won’t remove it from their advertiser’s link. #argh!”

She told Fairfax Media: “It seems that these scams develop faster than the solutions to fix them. Facebook makes money out of selling advertising space and it has a responsibility to ensure those ads are legitimate.

“Someone has actually taken the time to source a photo of me off the internet. I hope that anyone who’s seen the ads knows that I haven’t authorised for my image to be used.

“In any case, I like mince pies and caramel-slice far too much be endorsing a weight-loss website.”


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  • driftaguy

    Dr Oz had the same problem, talked about it on his show this week.