Should this ad really be banned on New Zealand TV?

Is this ad for fast food newcomer Carl’s Jr really all that bad?

The “sex sells” angle is as old as the hills and we see it in ads every night, so what’s different about this one?

The Tui  ads target the male audience in the same manner as Carl’s Jr are doing here (and here).

The operator of the franchise, Russel Creedy of Restaurant Brands, appealed the rulings by both the Commercial Approvals Bureau and the Advertising Standards Authority to ban the ad in New Zealand.

Creedy appealed on the grounds that the ad would only air after 8.30pm, citing the amount of explicit content already on TV after that time.

Would you object to seeing this ad on TV?

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  • Gary

    What is the issue here? It is no bad than most music videos where women were dressed not anymore than the two woman in the video.