8:35pm Saturday, January 12 on Prime

Drama Series

Notorious for her opposition to the way the Justice system treats rape victims, Martha is handed a case to represent a man accused of raping his ex-girlfriend. Billy is adamant she needs to do it to prove to the Silk panel that she can do her job no matter how morally repugnant she finds the case. With Clive prosecuting for the ex-girlfriend, Martha feels that she has to work extra hard to prove her client is innocent. However as the case continues Martha’s prejudices are challenged by her pupil and the case itself as she realises that only the victim and the defendant know what actually transpired. Meanwhile, Niamh gets her first day in court – a bail application for Martha’s old client, Gary Rush. And both Martha and Niamh have personal troubles as Niamh makes the mistake of sleeping with Clive, her pupil master, while Martha discovers she’s pregnant.

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