The Campbells: The Fastest Men Alive

THE HISTORY CHANNEL – Tuesday 22 January, 8.30pm

For a generation, Malcolm and Donald Campbell, father and son, dominated the struggle to be the fastest man alive. This is the story of two men who wanted to shatter records and venture where none had gone before. But were their motivations really that similar? Malcolm Campbell began by repeatedly breaking land speed records, going ever faster, fuelled by new technology developed during the Great War. His young son Donald watched, as his father became famous in an age when the media respected celebrity. Malcolm was hailed as a national hero. It is said that by the time Donald began breaking records he had to cope with a harsher media, prone to knocking down heroes and questioning their motives. After Malcolm’s death in 1949 Donald vowed to step into his father’s shoes and continue to pursue the dream.

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